New Rider Program

New Rider Program

The focus of this new program is to allow you the customer time to work with one of our experienced staff on your bike while in real life riding situations and scenarios. Unlike our detailed walk around at pick up this experience will be focused solely on YOU and your new bike. This dedicated 2-4 hours will be primarily focused on your comfort level and the familiarity of the many features your new bike offers. For example some questions or concerns that may come up:

  • Ergonomics?
  • Lever adjustment?
  • Shifter and brake pedal adjustment?
  • Bar riser position?
  • Handlebar roll angles?
  • Tire Pressure?
  • Appropriate riding gear?
  • Factory Option Questions:
  • How does ASC work?
  • When do I adjust Suspension?
  • When should I turn on/off ABS?
  • On board computer/dash questions?
  • What’s a Garmin :) ?

This dedicated 2-4 hours will allow you the rider time to focus only on your bike and riding experience. This is valuable time we believe will be a great way to help give you a better understanding of your bike and the amazing experience it will offer.

Who is eligible?
Any new/used bike purchaser from ESA during the 2018 calendar year is eligible to participate in this one day program. For any ESA customers that purchased before 2018 please contact us, we will try to accommodate.

Meet at ESA 12:00 for overview/coffee. Side stands up at 1pm. Will ride for approximately 2 hours with multiple stops for discussion. Will be back at the shop by 5pm. 

To Do list prior to arrival:

  • Wear Gear (Helmet, jacket, pants, boots, gloves- no matter the brand) 
  • Gas tank full
  • Belly full (no lunch provided) bring snacks and water. 

How do I sign Up?
There is no cost to you for this program. You can sign up anytime by:

Info needed at sign up:

  • Name
  • Contact
  • Phone
  • Make/Model of Bike
  • Passenger?
  • Riding Experience?